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Reclaiming Life with True Recovery RVA's ASAM 2.5 PHP: A Journey to Recovery

Life can sometimes feel like an uphill battle, especially when you're grappling with substance use and mental health challenges. At True Recovery RVA, we understand these struggles and are here to offer a lifeline. Our ASAM 2.5 Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is designed to provide the support and care you need to reclaim your life.

Finding Hope at True Recovery RVA

Nestled at 9003 Quioccasin Road in Henrico, VA, True Recovery RVA is more than just a treatment center—it's a community dedicated to helping individuals, families, and entire communities thrive. Our mission is to minimize the impact of substance use and mental health disorders and enhance overall well-being.

A Unique Approach to Recovery

What sets our program apart is our "Recovery Oriented Systems of Care" approach. This method ensures each patient receives a high level of ASAM multidimensional assessment, treatment, and care coordination. Grounded in the ASAM Criteria—the gold standard in addiction and co-occurring condition care—our PHP offers a structured yet flexible environment tailored to support your journey to recovery.

A Day in the Life at Our PHP

Imagine starting your day knowing you're taking concrete steps toward a brighter future. Our program serves adults 21 years and older and is designed to fit your life while providing intensive support. With group sessions held five days a week, each session lasting five hours, you'll benefit from over 20 hours of weekly therapy and support. Our schedule runs Monday through Friday, 9:30 AM to 2:30 PM, ensuring that you have ample time to focus on your recovery while balancing other responsibilities.

Who Thrives in Our PHP?

Our program is ideal for those needing high-level care but who can remain clean outside a traditional rehab center. Whether you've completed hospital or residential treatment and are at risk of relapse, struggle with motivation, or manage co-occurring disorders like anxiety and depression, our PHP is designed to meet your needs. We also support individuals living in environments that pose a risk for substance use or those not making optimal progress in outpatient programs.

Comprehensive Care and Support

Our holistic approach includes a variety of therapeutic modalities:

  • Group Process Therapy: Share and learn from others on similar journeys.

  • Individual Therapy: Receive personalized care and attention.

  • Psychoeducation Groups: Gain valuable insights into your condition and recovery.

  • Family Support Group: Involve your loved ones in your healing process.

  • Creative Arts Therapy: Explore your emotions through art.

  • Holistic Approaches: Integrate mind, body, and spirit in your recovery.

  • Medication Management: Ensure your treatment is medically sound.

  • Yoga and Exercise: Reconnect with your body and boost your physical health.

  • Meditation and Relaxation: Find peace and clarity amidst the chaos.

  • Job Readiness: Prepare for a productive and fulfilling life post-recovery.

Your Journey Starts Here

At True Recovery RVA, we believe that every individual deserves a chance at recovery and a fulfilling life. Our dedicated team is committed to providing the tools, support, and community you need to achieve lasting recovery.

Ready to take the first step? Visit our website at or call us at (833) 878-3732. Join us on this transformative journey and discover the path to a brighter future. By choosing True Recovery RVA, you're not just entering a program—you're embracing a community dedicated to your success. Reach out today and let us help you reclaim your life.

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