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Our Services

True Recovery RVA is dedicated to providing a comprehensive spectrum of support for individuals on their recovery journey. With a holistic approach that addresses both immediate challenges and long-term goals, the organization offers services ranging from peer recovery support to employment assistance. Each service is designed to empower participants, ensuring they have the tools and resources necessary for sustained personal growth and recovery.

Recovery Housing

True Recovery RVA offers recovery housing solutions that are VARR-certified within the state of Virginia. Holding this certification ensures that True Recovery RVA's recovery housing maintains high standards to provide a safe and supportive environment for individuals on their recovery journey. Adherence to VARR Standards: True Recovery RVA is dedicated to meeting and exceeding the standards set by the Virginia Association of Recovery Residences (VARR). This ensures that residents are given an environment that is conducive to their recovery process. Safety First: All True Recovery RVA homes maintain a drug and alcohol-free environment, and regular checks are conducted to ensure the safety and well-being of all participants. Emphasis on Peer Support: At True Recovery RVA, the value of peer-to-peer recovery support is recognized to be without parallel.  Participants are encouraged to support one another, creating a tight-knit community of individuals who can relate to each other's experiences. Structured Environment: Residents of True Recovery RVA will experience a structured environment, complete with house rules and routines, assisting them in maintaining their recovery and easing their transition into a self directed life of recovery. Professional Oversight: True Recovery RVA are monitored and run by experienced staff along with trained Resident Advisors who ensure smooth operations and provide necessary support to participants. MAT Friendly: True Recovery RVA housing is MAT (Medication-Assisted Treatment) friendly, recognizing the importance of supporting individuals in their recovery journeys by accommodating those who choose MAT as a vital component of their addiction treatment. This inclusivity is crucial as MAT has been proven to significantly enhance recovery outcomes, reduce the risk of overdose, and improve overall well-being for individuals seeking to overcome substance use disorders.

Connection to Clinical Services

Streamlined Access to Care: True Recovery RVA has fostered relationships with local clinical providers, enabling residents and participants to have swift and direct access to essential medical evaluations, drug and alcohol treatment including MAT and MOUD, therapeutic sessions, and other crucial clinical services. Personalized Referrals: Understanding that every individual's needs are unique, True Recovery RVA offers tailored referrals, ensuring that each person is directed to the clinical services that align best with their recovery journey and health requirements. Integrated Approach: In acknowledging the interconnectedness of clinical and non-clinical interventions, True Recovery RVA ensures that the connection to clinical services is seamlessly integrated into the broader recovery plan. This holistic approach ensures continuity of care and maximizes the chances of a successful recovery. Addiction Medicine: Addiction Medicine is an integral component of many individual recovery plans at True Recovery RVA. MAT, MOUD, along with mental health medications are an accepted component of many of our participants recovery plans. Supportive Transition: The team at True Recovery RVA assists individuals in navigating the often complex world of clinical care. From making appointments to understanding treatment options, the support provided ensures that transitioning to clinical care is smooth and stress-free. Continued Monitoring: Beyond just the initial connection, True Recovery RVA maintains an ongoing relationship with clinical service providers. This ensures that there's regular feedback, timely intervention if needed, and adjustments to treatment strategies based on individual progress.


True Recovery RVA understands that access to vital services, appointments, and events is crucial for those on their recovery journey. To eliminate transportation barriers and ensure that everyone can reach essential destinations safely and promptly, True Recovery RVA proudly offers a comprehensive transportation service tailored to the needs of those they support. Key Service Features: Day Center Shuttle: For individuals attending programs, meetings, or activities at the True Recovery RVA Day Center, regular shuttle services are provided. With designated pick-up and drop-off points, participants can rely on punctual and convenient transportation to and from the center. Medical Appointment Transfers: Ensuring timely access to medical care, True Recovery RVA offers dedicated transportation for individuals to their medical appointments. This ensures they receive consistent medical attention without the stress of transportation logistics. Criminal Justice Appointments: Recognizing the importance of fulfilling legal obligations and responsibilities, the service includes transportation to and from criminal justice-related appointments, whether it's court dates, meetings with probation officers, or other related commitments. Recovery Events: Engaging in community recovery events can be a significant boost to an individual's recovery journey. True Recovery RVA ensures participants can attend these events by providing transportation to various recovery-related gatherings, seminars, and workshops. Resource Connection Transits: To help individuals tap into the broad spectrum of resources available for recovery support, transportation is offered to locations offering essential services, tools, and community programs. Whether it's job interviews, housing inquiries, or educational opportunities, individuals are assured of a ride.

Employment Support

At the heart of True Recovery RVA's mission to holistically support individuals on their recovery journey is the understanding that gainful employment can be transformative. The Employment Support Service is designed to empower participants with the skills, resources, and opportunities they need to achieve economic independence and personal growth. Skills Assessment: Participants undergo a thorough skills and interests assessment, enabling the team to tailor support to each individual's strengths and aspirations. Resume Building: Professional guidance is provided to craft compelling resumes and cover letters that showcase participants' skills, experience, and dedication to personal growth. Job Search Assistance: Using a network of connections with local employers and knowledge of available opportunities, True Recovery RVA aids participants in identifying suitable job openings that align with their skills and goals. Interview Coaching: Participants receive training on how to effectively communicate their strengths and address potential concerns employers might have, ensuring they approach job interviews with confidence and preparedness. Workplace Etiquette Training: Beyond just securing a job, understanding how to navigate workplace dynamics is essential. Training sessions cover topics like communication, teamwork, and professionalism to ensure smooth integration into new roles. Benefits: Boosted Self-Esteem: Gainful employment often brings a sense of purpose and accomplishment, key factors in boosting self-worth and confidence. Economic Independence: With stable employment, participants can achieve financial stability, further aiding their recovery journey. Skill Development: Beyond just job-specific skills, participants enhance their interpersonal and professional skills, setting them up for long-term career growth. Community Integration: Employment serves as a bridge to reintegrate into the community, fostering new relationships and establishing a sense of belonging. True Recovery RVA's Employment Support Service goes beyond mere job placement. It is a comprehensive approach to ensuring that every individual is equipped not only to secure a job but to thrive in their chosen field. By championing the importance of economic independence in the recovery journey, True Recovery RVA underscores its commitment to offering multi-dimensional support to its participants.

Day Center

True Recovery RVA is a supporter of Imagine the Freedom Recovery Foundation. Imagine the Freedom Recovery Foundation's Day Center is a beacon of hope and support for those on their recovery journey. Offering a mix of peer-led initiatives and access to a plethora of resources, the center is an all-encompassing hub for holistic recovery. While at the Imagine the Freedom Day Center, True Recovery participants will have access to many services. Peer-Led, Curriculum Driven Recovery Groups: These groups are facilitated by individuals who have personally navigated the challenges of recovery, ensuring genuine understanding and guidance. The curriculum is evidence-based, providing participants with the latest and most effective recovery strategies. These sessions foster a community spirit, emphasizing mutual understanding and shared experiences. Connection to Clinical Services: The Day Center bridges the gap to vital clinical services, guaranteeing individuals receive all-encompassing care. With strong ties to local clinical providers, individuals have swift access to medical evaluations, therapy sessions, and other crucial services. The day center's staff simplify the process of connecting to these services, guaranteeing timely and effective support. Resource Linkage: Beyond its immediate services, the Day Center boasts a vast network of resources for a holistic recovery experience. This includes referrals to housing options, educational programs, employment services, and more. The center plays an essential role in connecting individuals to these critical resources, ensuring every tool for successful recovery is within reach. Imagine the Freedom Recovery Foundation’s Day Center is more than a facility; it's a nurturing community for those in the recovery process. By providing a spectrum of services from peer-led groups to essential resource connections, the center stands out for its comprehensive and empathetic approach. Anyone seeking a path to freedom from their challenges will find unwavering support in the Day Center's offerings.

Intensive Program

True Recovery RVA offers an Intensive Support Program package that combines all of our available services together to give our intensive program participants the best support and attention possible. Intensive program participants will reside in one of our intensive houses, groceries will be provided, and receive the highest level of staff guidance.

Court Advocacy

Many individuals start their recovery journey with criminal justice entanglements. Navigating the complexities of the legal system can be daunting, especially for those in recovery who may face additional challenges and misconceptions. True Recovery RVA's Court Advocacy service stands as a testament to our dedication to supporting every facet of its participants' lives, ensuring their recovery journey is understood within the legal framework. Personalized Representation: True Recovery RVA provides trained advocates who work closely with participants to understand their unique circumstances. They ensure that each individual's recovery journey and progress are accurately represented in court. Support During Proceedings: Beyond mere representation, advocates accompany participants to court hearings, providing moral support, clarifications, and immediate assistance as needed. Documentation & Evidence Presentation: Courtroom advocates assist in gathering and presenting essential documents that highlight an individual's recovery progress, such as certificates from rehabilitation programs, testimonials from therapists, or other relevant records. Benefits: Reduced Stigmatization: Advocates help dispel misconceptions and biases by presenting factual, up-to-date information about recovery and its challenges. Empowerment: Participants feel more empowered and less isolated, knowing they have a dedicated advocate by their side in the courtroom. Improved Legal Outcomes: With the nuances of their recovery journey properly communicated and understood, participants may benefit from more compassionate and informed legal decisions.

Recovery Planning + Coaching

Recovery is a multifaceted journey, necessitating a comprehensive approach that aligns with the unique needs and strengths of each individual. Utilizing the innovative Advanced Recovery Management System (ARMS) Recovery Capital Model, True Recovery RVA’s recovery planning and coaching services emphasizes the overcoming of barriers to recovery and the cultivation and management of one's personal, social, and community resources to sustain long-term recovery. Holistic Evaluation: The ARMS model evaluates an individual's complete set of resources or "capital" available to aid in their recovery. This includes personal strengths, social support, community assets, and more. By comprehensively assessing these resources, the model creates a foundation for tailored recovery planning. Personalized Recovery Planning: Utilizing insights from the holistic evaluation, recovery planning focuses on leveraging and enhancing the individual's existing capital. Plans are tailored, actionable, and designed to evolve as the individual progresses in their recovery journey. Strength-Based Coaching: Coaching under the ARMS model is strength-based, emphasizing the individual's inherent strengths and resources. Coaches work collaboratively with individuals, helping them recognize, nurture, and employ their recovery capital effectively. Resource Cultivation: A significant aspect of the ARMS model is the proactive cultivation of new resources. Coaching sessions may involve identifying areas where recovery capital can be enhanced, such as building new relationships, acquiring new skills, or tapping into community assets. Continuous Monitoring & Feedback: To ensure the ongoing relevance and effectiveness of the recovery plan, the ARMS model incorporates continuous monitoring. Regular feedback loops between the individual and the coach allow for dynamic adjustments, ensuring the plan remains aligned with evolving needs and goals. Empowerment & Autonomy: While guidance is provided, the ARMS approach is designed to empower individuals to take charge of their recovery journey. By understanding and managing their recovery capital, individuals are better equipped to face challenges, make informed decisions, and sustain long-term recovery. Recovery planning and coaching based on the Advanced Recovery Management System’s (ARMS) Recovery Capital Model offers a modern, holistic approach to recovery. By emphasizing the role of recovery capital and empowering individuals to manage and enhance their resources, this service stands as a transformative tool in the journey towards sustained recovery.


Partial Hospitalization (PHP)

True Recovery RVA's Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is tailored for individuals battling substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health conditions. Located at 9003 Quioccasin Road, Henrico, VA, our mission is to minimize the impact of these disorders and enhance the overall well-being of individuals, families, and communities in Virginia. Our Approach: We employ a "Recovery Oriented Systems of Care" approach, ensuring a high level of ASAM multidimensional assessment, treatment, and care coordination for each patient. Our PHP is grounded in the ASAM Criteria, the leading guidelines for patient care in addiction and co-occurring conditions, providing a structured yet flexible environment for recovery. Program Details: Population Served: Adults 21 years or older. Funding Sources: Medicaid ARTS insurances. Group Sessions: Held 5 days a week, 5 hours per day, totaling 20 hours per week. Schedule: Monday - Friday, 9:30 AM - 2:30 PM. Who Should Consider PHP: Those needing a high level of care but able to remain clean outside of a rehab center. Individuals who have completed hospital or residential treatment but are at risk of relapse. Those struggling with motivation to continue treatment. Individuals with co-occurring disorders (e.g., anxiety, depression, alongside substance use disorder). People living in environments that pose a risk for substance use and lack support. Individuals not making optimal progress in outpatient programs (OP). Program Components: Group Process Therapy Individual Therapy Psychoeducation Groups Family Support Group Creative Arts Therapy Holistic Approaches Medication Management Yoga and Exercise Meditation and Relaxation Job Readiness

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