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About Us

In 2017, True Recovery RVA was conceived with a singular vision: to create a space where the tapestry of shared recovery experiences fosters unwavering support and guidance. Each member of our team, beyond their professional qualifications, is on their own distinct recovery path. This meld of personal insight and professional expertise defines our empathetic approach. At the core of our offerings is the recovery housing, bolstered by a suite of tailored services that encompass every facet of the recovery journey. From peer support to employment guidance, our commitment is to provide stability, essential resources, and a nurturing environment. Discover the essence of True Recovery RVA, where your path to recovery is walked alongside those who truly resonate with its challenges and triumphs.

Meet The Team

The True Recovery RVA team is a unique blend of professionals, each of whom brings not only expertise but also personal lived experience to the table. Every staff member is in recovery, providing them with a profound understanding of the journey and challenges faced by participants. This collective experience ensures a compassionate and empathetic approach, making True Recovery RVA a beacon of genuine support and understanding in the recovery community.

Coleman Staff Pic

Coleman Mundie


Chris webpic

Chris Waugh

Director of Operations

Diana Staff Pic

Dianna Starr

Director of Women's Programs

Damien Staff Pic

Damien McClain

Director of Eco Flats

heather staff pic

Heather Talley


Carl Staff Pic

Carl Kelty

Maintenance Director

crystal webpic

Crystal Doss


Burnic Staff Pic

Burnic Sprouse

Director of Admissions

Max Staff Pic

Maximus Reed

Director of Men's Programs


Brandi McCall

Assistant Director of Eco Flats

Josh staff pic

Josh Munroe


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