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Our Events

True Recovery RVA hosts impactful events tailored to support their members on their recovery journey. From gatherings during National Recovery Month to community-building activities, they emphasize the joys of sobriety and the strength of collective support. Their events provide both newcomers and long-term members with a safe and enjoyable space to connect, share, and grow, showcasing the belief that, with community backing, everyone can overcome addiction and thrive.

Eco Flats Thanksgiving


True Recovery RVA and Eco Flats have been a beacon of hope in Richmond, consistently stepping up for years now to provide nourishment and support to the recovering. The challenges of life can often leave individuals feeling isolated, but through our tireless efforts, we've ensured that everyone feels a part of a community. We witness the power of unity, as our gatherings feel like a close-knit family coming together. This endeavor is not just about feeding; it's a ministry. It embodies the spirit of what our world could be if we all stood together, with no divisions, just hearts brimming with love and gratitude. 

True Recovery RVA Recovery Month Campout 2022


During the first weekend of September, National Recovery Month, a dedicated group organized an event to foster community for those in recovery. Aimed at highlighting the joys of sobriety, especially for newcomers, the gathering emphasized the power of collective support. One participant's dream was to create such recovery-centric events, providing a safe and enjoyable space for all. The event was a huge success, underlining the belief that everyone, with community support, can overcome addiction and thrive.

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