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Recovery Support

Changing lives and restoring dreams for individuals and families in Virginia since 2017. Providing Virginia recovery support and residential recovery housing.

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Crystal Snodderly


Crystal is a person in long term recovery, she came to True Recovery RVA from the HARP program through Chesterfield County Jail, went through the program herself and came on as staff in 2018. She is a Nationally Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialist, formerly the Director of Operations, and she now leads True Recovery's mission as Chief Executive Officer. Crystal has a passion for helping others find the same freedom she has found through a life of recovery.

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Chris Waugh

Director of Operations

A person in long term recovery since 8/11/18, Chris Waugh began using heroin in 1998, in and out of jails and institutions until 2018 when he was released from the Chesterfield County Jail HARP program. Bonded to True Recovery RVA, he quickly became the Resident Advisor of the Intensive House. Chris completed PRS training in 2019. Chris started his position as Director of Men's Programs at True Recovery RVA in 2020. In May of 2022, he was promoted to Director of Operations. Chris supervises the deployment of the Advanced Recovery Management Systems throughout True Recovery RVA. A devoted father of three and husband, his hobbies are playing the guitar and drums as well as learning new things.

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Burnic Sprouse

Director of Men's Programs

Burnic began his recovery journey as a participant of True Recovery. After serving as a Resident Advisor for 4 months he was promoted to Director of Eco Flats RVA. He has since moved on to become the Director of Men’s Programs for True Recovery. Additionally, he is a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist as well as a Certified Personal Medicine Coach Trainer. He is currently a full-time student at Southside Virginia Community College, and is working towards his CSAC-A. He has a passion for helping others using his lived experience as a person in long-term recovery.

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Coleman Mundie


Coleman is a person in long term recovery from substance use disorder. While he was a resident at a local recovery organization, he found that he had a passion for helping others. He made it his mission to help those in need find recovery from substance use disorder. He began his journey with True Recovery RVA in February of 2018. He is a court advocate and does community outreach to further the mission of True Recovery RVA. Coleman is also a mentor and a peer recovery specialist and utilizes his personal recovery experience to help others in the organization.

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Diana Starr

Director of Eco Flats RVA

Diana is a person in long-term recovery from substance use disorder. She started her recovery journey in the Chesterfield County Jail HARP program in 2020. Upon her release, she went to True Recovery RVA where she quickly became the resident advisor for the female intensive house. She served in that position for almost 2 years. During those 2 years she remained in position showing her dedication by helping the ones coming behind her. She is now a certified peer recovery specialist and is the Director of Eco Flats RVA. Through helping others with their challenges during the recovery process, it allows her to reflect how hard she has worked through her own adversities. Diana is very passionate about recovery and wants to encourage that an addict, any addict can be who they want to be not who they have been.

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Damien McClain

Assistant Director of Eco Flats RVA

Damien McClain is a True Recovery RVA alumni and a former Resident Advisor. He has been here at TRRVA since August of 2021. Since then he has proven time and time again time change is possible, especially when you expect the challenge of change. Damien has been one of our top advocates for job placement and service work, which earned him the "True Recovery RVA 2022 Participant of the Year" award. He is currently the Assistant Director at Eco Flats RVA.

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Cara Reed

Director of Women's Programs

Cara Reed, born in Littleton NH in 1990. Cara has been in and out of jails and institutions since 2010 and spent two years in the Chesterfield County Harp program as a HARP mentor. Cara is a state Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialist. She has a passion for helping addicts find love and worth inside themselves again. Something she herself has found since being in recovery.

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Carl Kelty

Maintenance Supervisor

Carl has been in long term recovery since March 11, 2012 and is a peer support specialist. He resides in the Williamsburg, VA area and commutes to RVA daily to help participants of True Recovery RVA. Carl is the go-to at True Recovery RVA for anything broken and oversees all maintenance done for True Recovery RVA.

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Russell Bootwright

Assistant Director of Men's Programs

Russell Boootwright is a person in long-term recovery from substance use disorder. He is a Richmond Virginia native; born and raised in the West End of Richmond. Russell’s addiction to opiates began during his senior year at Godwin High School in 2010. After different treatment centers and methadone programs, Russell was introduced to Recovery in 2015 after being arrested for heroin possession. He lived at a local RCO for over 2 years and was a house leader for half that time, where he met Coleman Mundie. Recovery being non-linear in nature; he relapsed before finding his way to True Recovery in the summer of 2022. He was Resident Advisor for one of the Intake houses before being promoted to Assistant Men’s Director in the winter of 2022. Currently, Russell is studying for his PRS certification while loving the work he gets to do with people in recovery. Russell believes that a healthy community is one of the most vital aspects of recovery and in his own personal recovery journey. He enjoys surfing, snowboarding, skating, soccer, reggae music, films, yoga, and meditation.